Rememberance Flowers

Remembrance Flowers 



In memory of my son Josh,

Keith Valencourt


In memory of Franisco Botello

from Jessica Frazine


In memory of Mom & Dad’s anniversary,

Fran Frazine

In memory of my husband Ken,

from Margaret Doxtater

Every Sunday we have two beautiful bouquets upon our altar.


Nancy C, Fran F


       Jennie V, Sharon T


      Sandy Z, Alecia P


       Shirley M, Helen W

We are always looking to fill our sign up sheet for the year. When we have so many empty spots, it then is up to the altar guild to pay for those flowers. If one month is not filled, that’s $100 for that month to be paid. The altar guilds moneys are running short, so please consider helping us by signing up for flowers. We would hate to no longer be able to afford flowers for our altar on Sundays


BRING THE LIGHT OF GOD to a shut-in,
Volunteer to visit them once a month.  You can bring communion if that is desired. 

Contact the office, 534-8931 for names.

Remember our Shut-ins:

  • Arlene Armstrong
  • Lorraine Bosworth
  • Bill Creamer
  • Art House
  • Caroline Joyce
  • Nathan Kadwell
  • Eva Sayen
  • Marcia Snoek
  • Lois Vanessen

PrayerTO PUT REQUESTS ON OUR PRAYER CHAIN:   Call Cathy Casey, 706-4497,
or the office, 534-8931       
 (M-Th – 9am – Noon)  or write your request on a card and< place in the offering  plate, or email

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