FAQ about South UMC:

    Q: I don’t believe in God, am I still welcome?

A: Yup. But we do hope you’re open to exploring, and to the idea that maybe there is a God and maybe He’s worth knowing.

    Q: What’s your dress code?

A: Please wear clothes.  Wear whatever you want (flip-flops are always welcome and so are ties and dresses).

    Q: What about my kids?

A: Kids are one of the highest priorities of our church.  We offer safe, fun environments specifically for your children so you can have one less thing to worry about while you’re at church.

    We want South UMC to be one of the safest, most fun, and most engaging parts of your child’s week.  During each Sunday service we provide age-specific experiences that allow your kids to learn about God in a way that is perfect for their stage of life.

    Whether it’s taking care of your newborn or toddler in our nursery, or helping your elementary and middle school students learn about God in a high-energy environment, we’re committed to kids and to making them a priority.


FAQ about Communion:

    Q: Do United Methodists believe that the bread and juice physically or chemically change into Christ’s flesh and blood in this sacrament?

A: No, we believe that the change is spiritual.  They signify the body and blood of Christ.

    Q: I am a Christian, but not Methodist.  Am I invited to receive communion here?

A: Yes, the Lord’s Supper is not ours, and Christ invites you.  Communion is between you and God.

    Q: I do not wish to receive communion. May I attend church during communion service and not receive it?

A: Yes.  We do not want to force you to do something that you don’t want to do.  Simply stay seated when other go forward or pass the elements along without taking them.

    Q: Should I receive communion if I feel unworthy?

A: 2,000 years ago Jesus ate with sinners and those whom others deemed unworthy.  He still does.  None of us is worthy, except by God’s grace.  Communion provides us an opportunity to confess our sins, receive forgiveness, and to indicate our intention to lead a new life.  Communion is God’s gift to us because God is so good.

    Q: May children receive communion?

A: Yes.  We believe that communion is for all who intend on leading a Christian life.  We remember that when some of the disciples tried to keep children from Jesus, He got angry and said, “Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.” (Mark 10:14 NRSV)

    Q: But do children really understand communion?

A: Do they understand the full meaning? No, but neither do we.  This is a reminder for them that Jesus loves them no matter what.