Fall has arrived. A time to look back over the year and be thankful for all the blessings our Lord has given us. It also is a time to review how we can support Gods Church this coming year. 

We have been very blessed with the special gifts we have received which enabled us to make our projected expenses and fund all the programs. 

God has blessed each of us with funds to live on. The Bible teaches us that we should give back to God a portion of our funds. This year we had 55 families giving. This year our budget for monthly offering was $224.75 per family.  We realize that all of us cannot make that kind of commitment, and some can give more. Review your cashflow and give as much as you can.

The finance committee will be reviewing our needs for 2019 and send out commitment cards. We appreciate your commitment in completing these cards. This gives us a guide if our expenses can be reached. We always make the budget on our fixed expenses. These expenses usually increase.

Ron Mossel—Finance Chairman