Our weekly giving is not covering our spending.  Noted each Sunday the amount needed to maintain our projected budget. This generally shows a negative figure. We were behind
-$4581 on February 11. Then on Feb 18 we received a gift of $4000 from one of our members. This brought us to -$434.
We continue to have negative cash flow, not making the $2852 weekly amount. We are thankful for all of our faithful givers.
Finance Chair

We yearly request a commitment from the congregation for a pledge amount. No set amount is required its between you and God. This so far are the results on the Pledge Giving. We looked at the total who give on a regular basis and only 53% have made a written commitment. That totals to 59% of our projected Pledges needed to fund our budget. That is why you see the negative figure on the weekly totals. We have been blessed with special gifts that have maintained our ability to fund the programs in the past, how long will that last?

We have commitment cards at the head ushers table. Fill it out and put it in a blank envelope, for your privacy, or a pew envelope. Label it as a Pledge, then it will be directed to the Financial Secretary, unopened. Any money should be done by the offering plate giving.

Ron Mossel—Finance Chairman