From Pastor Mack

Coffee With the Pastor


August 2019

Want to write a note of thanks for all the prayers offered up for Barb and her bout with lung cancer. She and I both have been blessed by the notes of encouragement and love, as well as the chorus of prayers offered up on her behalf. Our prayer has and is that the peace that Christ promised his followers would be a part of this experience, and it has. From the time of possible diagnosis of cancer, to the confirmation and removal we have been able to walk with an assurance that the Lord was with us and would work it out to our good. Thankfully they found the cancer early and was able to remove it. She is now going through chemo treatments, but even these are for protection against future cancers. As we have said we have felt the peace and confidence only we as the children of God have, for our hope is in a person not just wishful thinking. Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.

August is here, and soon the Summer will be over. This has been a hard Summer for many of our people and the church. Attendance and giving has been down which always brings a sense of fear to an older congregation. We still believe that the ministries we are doing are what the Lord would have us do and will trust Him to provide for them. I do ask that you pray about your part in all of this.


Hope to see you on Sunday

Bro Mack