From Pastor Mack

Coffee With the Pastor


August 2018

Shortly after I came as your pastor a suggestion was made that the church buy a new LED sign. The reason given was that the present sign is hardly visible while passing by so people had trouble knowing about our church, plus it was hard to advertise church events with the signs we were having to purchase for each event. Because of the church’s financial struggles the idea was dismissed but has come up over several times over the years

There was even some discussions with companies that would provide the sign but the cost again seems prohibitive. To settle the matter we ask the church to pray about this and make a decision. After this was done someone came forward and asked to purchase the sign for the church. This was submitted to the church board and the purchase was okayed. I asked that rather than allowing one person to simply buy the sign, that we place it before the congregation and invite them to be a part of the purchase. The reason for this is I have always felt that ownership was important to a church body. When we contribute to something we feel more pride in it.

We laid this before the congregation on Sunday and have had a good response but wanted to lay it before the whole church. We invite you to assist in the buying of the sign through your personal gifts. The sign will be bought, but I feel it is important that the church buy it rather than an individual. No gift is to small, since payment will be made. The only stipulation for this would be that the gift be over and above your regular giving. You may drop it in the offering plate and label your envelope or bring it by the office.

A church sign will not grow a church but it can make it more visible and inviting. This has been the reasoning behind this discussion from the beginning. I ask you to pray about your part.

I do want to congratulate the church on its recent one day VBS. We had a great time despite the rain. I want to thank each worker and individual who made this time possible.

Hope to see you this Sunday.

Bro Mack