From Pastor Mack

Coffee With the Pastor


April 2019

Easter has been called the “High Holy Day” of the church and rightfully so, for we celebrate the very reason for the Church in Christ’s Resurrection.  It is on this day that the women in the garden heard those words, “Why seek ye the living among the dead. He is not here, He is risen”.  It is this declaration that sets Christianity apart from every other faith as we serve a “risen savior”.

It is right that we do this, although every Sunday should be such a celebration. This is a corporate celebration worldwide, but also an individual one since we who were dead in trespasses and sins have been made “alive together with Him.

The Sunday before will be Palm Sunday.  The children will again lead our service with their program as well as as lead the church in the “March of the Palms”.  This is usually looked upon as a children’s celebration but in reality we are all called to shout our hosannas to “He that comes in the name of the Lord”. It is always fum to see our adults support the children in their annual march.  

Hope to see you on Sunday

Bro Mack