Missions of Our Church



Our church is blessed with the most amazing volunteers!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you! We are always looking for Picture2 new faces!




Mission News

It’s hard to believe that November is already here.  WOW!!

Our missions for November will be for Christmas Food Baskets.  We would like to do 10 baskets for families in need.  This is something we do every year.  We have many families in this area in need.  We are asking our congregation and friends to let us know if anyone in their family or neighborhood could use a little help.  We have forms for them to fill out names, addresses, phone numbers, and number of family members.  We also need info on allergies, if any.  Our committee will set a pick up time for each family.

We sincerely thank every one for their help and support always, but especially this time of year with so much to do, and so many needing assistance.  Thanks again and God Bless.

Blessings, South UMC Missions Committee


Spotlighting one of our Mission Partners! Exalta Health is committed to serving people and families of any gender, religion, language or disability. It is Christ centered as Christ healed all in need. Many of their patients are low income without health care. All are welcome at Exalta Health. They provide medical, vision, dental, behavioral, and spiritual care and much more. In 2016, they had office visits of 10,062 and continue growing. 75% of their support comes through donated services, goods and money from individuals, churches, businesses and foundations.

Supporting Our Copmmunity
Loving Our Neighbors

The most important part of our program is your prayers. Your generosity is much appreciated.
Thank you for everything you do to make our Mission programs work.

Feel free to come and help with our monthly food trucks! Next one: Monday, March 10th at
1 pm.

South UMC Missions Committee

Over the last year, The Dock has seen a significant increase in the number of students participating in their programs. This increase gives volunteers the opportunity to share the love of Christ with more kids. The volunteers have already seen God working in the lives of these children in a number of ways; older students are leading younger ones, home work is being done, students are going to church and asking questions about the Bible and more. The Dock is open 4 days a week, with approximately 80 volunteers. Several of our Kids Club kids joined The Dock when they moved to middle school. Likewise, our Kids Club has a number of middle school kids that remain with our program.

The Dock is a huge program with many needs. We can pray for these children and their volunteers whose time and efforts have seen successes. We also ask for your gifts to help purchase items such as art supplies, sports equipment and office supplies to name a few. Our offering will be received on Sunday, May 27th. God bless you.

Your Mission Committee

As always, we appreciate your continued support through food donations placed in the ACCESS basket for the John Knox Food Pantry.  You will find the basket in Unity Hall in front of the Stewardship Board. 

Please help those in need.


South UMC Missions





We have returned to our Kids Club ministry after taking some time off during the summer. We are working with these children, and hopefully having more join us. Thank you for your faithful support of this ministry. Our summer outing with them was a lot of fun. We took 18 children to the KROC center pools for a fun swimming party. We came back to church for pizza and root beer floats. If you have someone who would be interested in coming Tuesday, please contact Ms Cathy at 706-4497. Again we thank all of you for your prayers and financial support of this very important ministry of South United Methodist church.

Thank you again for giving this ministry a priority in your hearts. Thank you to all of you who participate on Tuesday evenings to help and have fun with these children ages 4 to 13.      Ms. Cathy



Food Truck

This is what your prayers and offerings mean to these neighbors of ours. We receive so much from them; their smiles and helpfulness, among other things.
When we receive help from our congregation and friends, whether it means volunteering, praying or offerings, our outreach is amazing and fulfilling. We receive many thanks from our guests. We are blessed because we can give them a taste of what God can do.
The Mission Committee thanks everyone for volunteering, praying and giving to keep this mission going for so many in need.

Peace of Christ to all.

The Mission Committee continues to pray and thank our congregation and friends for their prayers and offerings for this much needed program. We invite all who would like to know more about  what  we do to visit us at our food trucks or talk to a member. We look forward to your questions, comments and ideas.

Blessings to all, with God we can—South UMC Missions Committee

Feel free to come and help with our monthly food trucks! 


Food Truck Dates 2018

Jan. – Saturday 01/13/18 – 1 PM           Feb. – Monday 02/5/18 – 5  PM

Mar. – Saturday 03/10/18 – 1 PM             Apr. – Monday 04/9/18  – 5  PM

May. – Saturday 05/5/18 – 1 PM            Jun. – Monday 06/11/18 – 5  PM

Jul. – Saturday 07/14/18 – 1 PM             Aug. – Monday 08/13/18 – 5 PM 

Sept. – Saturday 09/15/18 – 1 PM          Oct. – Monday 10/15/18 – 5 PM

Nov. – Saturday 11/17/18 – 1 PM          Dec. – Monday 12/17/18/ – 5 PM


We are ministering to a number of children each month at our food truck.   We invite them to join us downstairs out of the weather and away from vehicles coming in and out of the parking lot.  We had ten children join us downstairs during our March food truck. They seemed to enjoy being here and doing crafts, hearing stories and singing songs. They enjoy a small treat, juice or cocoa, we are ministering to them every month with stories and doing crafts. What a wonderful outreach program we have! Many of our guests join us during our prayer circle before the food distribution and they share a lot of joys and concerns with us, so we ask that you continue to pray for our guests. 

Stop down and check us out.  This is a blessed outreach mission that if appreciated by our neighbors.  We have expanded the Food Truck mission by adding the children’s program, clothing distribution during the winter, and our Prayer Circle.  Many of our guests join with us in prayer and often share joys and concerns with us.
The food trucks cost $495 every month.  This cost is not in our budget, so we depend on the generosity of our church family.  We also offer coffee or juice to those waiting in line.  Last January, we served approximately 50 families.  The number of families was down due to the severe wind and cold.  We are blessed to be able to share and help these families.  We ask for your continued prayers and support for this program.

This year we look forward to many more joing our prayer circle and helping  new families

South UMC Mission Committee

Feel free to come and help with our monthly food trucks!

Thanks to Jean Hulst.


Quarterly Mission Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2018

Present: Sandy Gerard (president), Val McCarty, Lee Hunter, Bev Tyler, Helen Wagner, Jim Casey.

Meeting started at 6:33

Sandy opened with prayer.

Denise Sweet from Feeding America is our rep for any questions or concerns we may have. The monthly dates have been scheduled for all of 2019, Sandy is to get us copies. The cost is at $495 per month.  

Helen, getting information for sack lunches for the homeless in the Grand Rapids area. This program feeds adults and children. Thinking this would be a mission idea for 2019, possibly Feb. .

ECHO, Jean Schuler, now deceased SUMC member, brought this mission to our attention a long time ago. It’s nice to know the history behind our missions and remind the congregation what our missions are about. Sometimes there may be new members or visitors that are not familiar with them. ECHO mission was held back in Sept.

It’s getting to be that time of the year again where the mission committee is very active with upcoming missions.   

Bev will be coordinating the Angel Tree mission. This is prison ministry where prisoners may sign up thru Angel Tree to their children receive a gift. We will do as in the past where the gifts are bagged and the family will come to the church to pick up their gift.

Helen and Sandy will do the shopping for the Thanksgiving baskets and Helen and Val will shop for the Christmas baskets.

Pastor Mack closed with prayer.

Sandy will contact Pastor Mac about PET Vehicle (Dec mission), in the Holland area, to see if they can set up a presentation. Last time they did a very nice job, with a demo PET Vehicle, informational video and other materials that gave insight as to what they are about.

Sandy informed the committee that she will be stepping down as president at the end of the year. The Leadership committee will search for a replacement. Sandy has done an amazing job over the many decades that she has selflessly served. .

                                                    Missions 2018
Jan – Exalta Health (Burton Heights) A fund raising rep to came to speak to our congregation
Feb – Food Truck
Mar – Prayer Shawls
April – Veterans Program on Monroe Ave. (Val to get info to Lee)
May – Kids Club
June – VBS – PB and Jelly Sundays
July – National Night Out
Aug- Backpacks/school supplies (Hazel or Helen Teacher connections)
Sept- ECHO
Oct – Thanksgiving Baskets
Nov – Christmas Baskets
Dec – PET Vehicle

Meeting ended at 7: 27