Our Leaders



Administrative Council Chairperson Dave Ziebarth
Co-Chairperson  Sue Alexander 
Recording Secretary Sue Allerding
Church Treasurer  Jim Nelson 
Asst. Treasurer  Dave Meyers 
Financial Secretary  Hazel Mains 
Lay Leader  Sue Alexander 
Lay Leader  Lee Hunter 
Lay Member to Annual Conference  Sue Alexander 
Membership Secretary  Sue Allerding 
Committee on Lay Leadership  Pastor Mack Strange 
Co-Chairperson  Dave Ziebarth 
Staff/Parish Relations Committee Chairperson  Keith Valencourt  
Trustees Chairperson  Rick Haskin 
Finance Committee Chairperson  Ron Mossel 
Planned Giving Chairperson Ron Mossel 
Mission Committee Chairperson  Marcia Overmyer 
Worship Committee Chairperson  Sally Riley 
Evangelism Committee Chairperson   Dave Ziebarth
Memorial Committee Chairperson  Nancy Clancy 
Altar Guild President  Shirley Meyers 
Historian  Judy Grutter 
ACCESS Representative  Helen Wagner 
United Methodist Women President  Marcia Overmyer 
United Methodist Men President  Keith Valencourt 
Coordinators of Communication  Lee Hunter 
Coordinators of Communication  Andy Frazine