The Fourth Sunday of Easter ~ May 5, 2019

Mother’s Day

Welcome to Worship



“Deep River” Hugh Livingston Jr

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*Passing of the Peace

“All Hail King Jesus” #2069

Share the peace of Christ to those around you

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*Mother’s Day

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*Children’s Time

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*Call to Worship

“Fairest Lord Jesus” #189

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Sharing Joys and Concerns

Pastoral Prayer (Those who wish may stand)

“He Leadeth Me” #128

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“The Peace Within” David Paxton

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*Doxology 95

Offertory Prayer:

Compassionate Shepherd, accept these gifts you give us – gifts flowing from the eternal stream of your grace. Amen. (Psalm 23, John 10)

Choral Anthem: “10,000 Reasons”

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New Testament Reading: John 10:22-30 N. T. pg. 104

L: The Word of God, for the people of God.

P:Thanks be to God.


Pastor Mack Strange
Message: Voice Recognition

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Benediction Hymn:“My Faith Looks Up to Thee” #452

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*Extinguishing of Candles

Postlude: “Children’s Medley” Hugh Livingston Jr.

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The joys and concerns of our church
Ongoing prayers for: our homebound people, our military men, women, their families, our Kids Club, our older congregation and our community.

Current prayer requests and joys:

Charlene Moor, cousin to Judy Grutter, being treated for colon cancer
Doris Irwin’s niece Michelle diagnosed with breast cancer and kidney shutdown;
Juanita Rowe; now home continued prayers Norma Jones recovering at home Joanne Forgar; prayers for continued recovery, doing well at
Nancy Clancy; continued prayers for recovery
Lucille Obara; recovering from knee replacement
Cindy Lung; in hospice care Gary Gillard; four tumors on brain, family friend of Stephanie Doxey
Betty Smith; recovering from an accident
Susan Mortonson; continued prayers
Sharon Theule’s brother Bob has cancer, and sister-in-law Julie’s father in hospice care, and her brother Steve had a massive stroke
Maurice; cancer has returned, husband of Cindy

Brother of Cindy Gurd has blood clot and now cancer
Dawn Jones; still dealing with kidney stones
Caroline & Michael; continued prayers, sister & grandson of Sue Alexander
Michael; 2nd heart cath, hoping is works well, son of Judy Grutter
Mackenzie; dealing with cranky 7 wk old baby girl, granddaughter of Judy Grutter
Margaret Doxtater; healing prayers after a fall
Rick Haskins; test on legs
Cecilia & Frankie Rincones; bronchitis
Ron Mossel; recovering from cataract surgery
Winona Mossel; recovering from tooth extraction

Volunteers Today:

Altar Guild: Shirley Meyers, Sandra Gerard
Ushers: David and Dianne McIntyre
Greeter: Nancy Clancy
Counters: Jim & Marilyn Nelson
Liturgist: Ron Mossel
Organist: Winona Mossel